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Carpet Cleaning

If you are in need of carpet cleaning services, Angel Carpet Cleaning in El Cajon is ready!

Carpet Cleaning in El Cajon

Carpet Cleaning Service

Angel Carpet Cleaning in El Cajon has a trained staff who only use eco-friendly products capable of removing all kinds of stains. Our years of experience can give customers the best results on your carpet, and we understand that your stains are unpredictable and inevitable.

We understand that accidents and spills happen, so you can contact us as soon as possible and schedule a carpet cleaning appointment. Our El Cajon carpet cleaning pros can come the same day the spill occurred.

El Cajon Steam Carpet Cleaning

The steam cleaning process is simple and easy and is guaranteed to get the job done effectively and thoroughly for your carpet.

Steam cleaning machines fire hot water into the carpet, alongside a small amount of cleaning chemicals. These work together to both dissolve and disinfect several types of carpet soils while using the water pressure to bring the less dissolvable carpet soils to the surface. 

Once these soils are on the surface, they’re sucked up by the machine and removed once and for all. After this, a long drying time is needed to finish the job. Finally, when the carpet is done drying, you’re good to go!

Why Choose Steam Cleaning?

A proper El Cajon steam cleaning cleans your carpet deeper than dry cleaning. This is an effective cleaning technique for the really deep-set soil. Or if you haven’t gotten a cleaning done in a while. The process of hot water extraction gets all of the grime and dirt accumulated over months or years onto the surface so that it can be cleaned up easier.

It also uses less chemicals than dry cleaning, so if you have a pet or young children that are going to be breathing close to the carpet, this is slightly better. Dry cleaning uses safe chemicals, but steam cleaning leaves the carpet just that much safer.

Dry Carpet Cleaning in El Cajon

Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning by scrubbing minimally moist chemicals into your carpet fibers and vacuuming them up, deep cleaning your carpet without heavy water use. This is not as commonly used as steam cleaning, which applies to many of our cleaning services.

Powders or shampoos are poured all over your carpet and then scrubbed in with a brush. These materials react to the soils inside your El Cajon carpet and dissolve, disinfect, or otherwise eliminate them on contact. The scrubbing helps get the dry cleaning chemicals deep inside the carpet fibers so that they make contact with the soils that they need to eliminate.

Why Choose Dry Cleaning?

Unlike steam cleaning, dry cleaning isn’t nearly as hard on carpets. Some carpets can become damaged or runny after a steam cleaning, but a dry carpet cleaning is very gentle. Hand-based scrubbing isn’t the same thing as machine-based water pressure, after all.

Dry cleaning is also, as you can imagine, much dryer. If you can’t wait for your carpets to dry, either because your carpet is in a commercial setting that must remain open, or if your family simply can’t avoid whatever carpet you’re cleaning, then dry cleaning is the better option.


Is steam cleaning or dry cleaning better for my carpet?

This depends on your carpets. If you need a fast and relatively safe cleaning, go for dry cleaning. If you want something that goes deeper, and can wait for dry times, get steam cleaning.

Why do you need to get your carpet cleaned?

If your carpet is never deep cleaned, carpet soils accumulate within the fibers and last for years, growing bacteria and attracting dust mites and other unpleasant things.

Can you clean your carpets yourself?

Using a steam cleaner yourself can cause mildew and mold if you use it wrong. And dry cleaning powders need to be scrubbed in vigorously in order to work. You’ll have much better luck hiring a professional for your El Cajon home or business.

How do you know if your carpet is clean?

Your carpet is full of filth that you can’t even see. You might get some hints, as this deep-seated grime and bacteria can lower immune systems and hurt your lungs, but the only way to ensure your carpet is clean is to hire an El Cajon carpet cleaning service for your home or business.

Does carpet cleaning remove stains?

Carpet cleaning gets all of the deep-seated carpet soils out of your carpet. This can eliminate surface-level stains as well as the things you can’t even see. But the best results require the use of an El Cajon carpet cleaning service.

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