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Rug Cleaning

However fragile your rug is, Angel Carpet Cleaning in El Cajon knows how to help you out.

El Cajon Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Service

You need to make sure you clean a rug right because each rug has different needs. El Cajon residents know that our staff are experts in which types of rugs need which treatments. Our staff’s years of experience in the cleaning industry gave them this expert knowledge.

We can do an in-home assessment that lets you know what can possibly be done and manage expectations in terms of what to expect. Once our professional cleaners get a look at your rug, they can figure out exactly what you need.

Normal Rug Cleaning In El Cajon

Certain rugs are built very similarly to carpets and can therefore handle the same types of cleaning that more ornate rugs can’t. We offer two services when it comes to cleaning: steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Both of these are better for different circumstances, and you can decide what would work best for you.

On top of that, both of these processes are relatively painless and risk-free, especially if you have a hardy rug that can handle the usual cleaning methods employed by our El Cajon rug cleaning technicians. These aren’t much different at all from carpet cleaning, though there is some variation between rug cleaning and our full list of services.

Rug Steam Cleaning In El Cajon

Steam cleaning is the effective process of firing hot water into rug fibers to remove and dissolve harmful carpet soils lurking in the bottom. Steam cleaning cleans deeply, using the natural abilities of hot water on grime with a minimal amount of carpet cleaning solution to really eliminate mess in your El Cajon home or place of business.

The upsides to steam cleaning are the minimal amount of chemicals used and the stronger, deeper cleaning that dry cleaning isn’t capable of. The downsides to steam cleaning are the fact that it can be hard on more fragile rugs and that it has a long dry time.

Rug Dry Cleaning In El Cajon

Dry cleaning uses chemicals, such as powders and shampoos that are scrubbed into the carpet and chemically react with the soils inside to eliminate them. While steam cleaning uses few chemicals and a lot of water, dry cleaning uses only a bit of water and a lot of effective cleaning chemicals.

The upsides to dry cleaning are the very quick dry times and the fact that it’s easier on more delicate rugs. The downsides to dry cleaning is the fact that, while effective, it isn’t as effective as steam cleaning, and if the chemicals aren’t removed properly they can begin to affect people with weak lungs.

El Cajon Delicate Rug Cleaning

So what happens to more delicate, decorative rugs that can’t handle these rough, normal methods of rug cleaning? How are they cleaned carefully and professionally enough? Don’t worry! Angel Carpet Cleaning in El Cajon has the answers you need.

These kinds of rugs need more specific care and attention. Delicate rugs will be taken away to professional cleaning facilities to ensure  they get the care they deserve. These rugs will be looked at by El Cajon rug cleaning professionals who know how best to get stains out without destroying your beautiful rug.


What is the best way to clean my rug?

That depends on your rug. Some rugs can handle a normal steam or dry cleaning, but others are more fragile than that and need a delicate cleaning session.

Can you steam clean an area rug?

Steam cleaning an area rug is often a very good idea, as it gets a lot of deep-seated grime out of your rug. That being said, certain materials are too fragile for steam cleaning. Try to figure out your specific El Cajon rug’s needs.

Can you shampoo an area rug on a hardwood floor?

Shampoo actually uses less moisture than steam cleaning, meaning you’re unlikely to harm your hardwood floor after shampooing an area rug. That being said, you should still either exercise caution or just hire an El Cajon rug cleaning company to do it for you.

Can I steam clean a wool rug?

Yes. Unlike silk, wool isn’t one of the more fragile carpet materials, despite its similarly high price. You should be careful about the rug’s dyes, however, as these might not be as up to steam cleaning.

How often should you shampoo rugs?

Any kind of deep-cleaning should happen at least once a year, and ideally twice a year. Call today for El Cajon rug cleaning services if you haven’t gotten a deep clean in a while.

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