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Nylon vs. Polyester – Which Carpet Type Is Best?

Posted on August 2, 2022

If you’re looking to buy a synthetic carpet, the two most popular options are nylon and polyester. They’re pretty similar carpet types, but each has advantages and disadvantages. So which one’s better? How do you determine the merits of nylon vs. polyester?

The answer to that question depends on what you’re looking for in a carpet. The advantages that one has over the other are dependent on your individual needs. To understand which one you need, you need to look over the differences between the two.

Here’s an overview of nylon vs polyester:

Nylon Pros

The main advantage of nylon is its durability. This carpet fiber is one of the hardiest and will, most likely, last you years, even in high-traffic areas. It’s best for carpets that you use often.

Nylon fibers can take a ton of damage without it being a problem. This durability is also an advantage when you get your carpets cleaned since the cleaners can be rougher on the carpet stains without worrying about the carpet itself. Nylon, vs. polyester, is much more durable.

On top of that, nylon is often recyclable. Some (although very few) are even made from recycled materials themselves. It varies on a case-by-case basis, though, and you need to check with whichever one you’re buying.

Nylon Cons

The most prominent flaw nylon has going for it is its price tag. Nylon is generally more expensive than polyester. There are exceptions, but be prepared to pay as much as twice the amount you’d pay for nylon vs. polyester. Check if the price tag is suitable for you first.

Another flaw is the lack of eco-friendliness. As discussed before, some are more eco-friendly than others. But most are newly manufactured and then never recycled, meaning they have a worse environmental impact than the typically recycled polyester carpets.

Polyester Pros

Polyester carpets are usually cheaper than nylon carpets. This general rule isn’t always accurate, and you need to check any individual carpet, but it’s often true.

Polyester is also often made of recycled materials. They’re generally known as a greener synthetic fabric and one of the better environmental choices if your budget can only accommodate plastic stuff. Make sure the polyester you buy is made out of recycled materials, though, because some of them aren’t.

Polyester is also hydrophobic, meaning liquids don’t stick to it very well. This quality makes it great at preventing stains. It also makes the fabric easier to clean for an El Cajon carpet cleaning company.

Finally, polyester is known for being softer than nylon. Polyester’s texture is nice and fluffy, unlike the rougher nylon textures.

Polyester Cons

As a cheaper material, polyester also wears out way faster than nylon. This wear is the main drawback to polyester – you more or less get what you pay for. It’s not a good idea to use polyester in high-traffic areas, as you’ll need to replace it sooner rather than later.

It’s also not always recyclable, despite often being made out of recycled materials. It’s still a greener option than nylon as that recyclable carpet is usually just thrown out anyway and is not made of recycled material. Nevertheless, the fact that polyester is not recyclable is worth noting.


So, nylon vs. polyester – which is better?

If you care about price, go for polyester, as that tends to be cheaper. If durability is what you need, nylon’s much better for that. If you want a soft, comfortable carpet, polyester is the way to go. If you need your El Cajon carpet cleaned often, polyester is also great.

And, of course, environmental impact is vital for everyone. In that case, you should put some more weight on certain polyesters and a few nylons.
Overall, your decision is ultimately your decision. Polyester and nylon have advantages and disadvantages, and it’s up to you to decide the winner of nylon vs. polyester.

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